A computer connected to the local and global network The Internet today is the main working tool, but it must be effective. Computer equipment needs to be optimally exploited and to protect its operation, which is conditioned by efficient and reliable service and maintenance, both in hardware and software. We offer business partners a quality service that enables them to work smoothly with the so-called. invisible information technology.

Our customer service includes regular warranty and non-warranty maintenance of computers and computer equipment of both your brand and all other world-renowned brands. 
Servicing and upgrading them, repairing monitors, printers and other peripheral equipment, with great emphasis on maintenance of servers, active equipment and comprehensive computer networks.
We are aware of the importance of after-sales servicing or maintenance of computer equipment, therefore, we perform operations mostly at the customer's location on the basis of an error report or on the basis of a concluded maintenance contract.

Computer science is an area where periodic reviews of computer equipment and monitoring of its operation provide much better performance. The purpose of contract maintenance is to eliminate minor irregularities even before major problems arise in the operation of the equipment. The maintenance provider will know your systems well (much better than calling a service, where the service provider needs to get to know the system), which helps to solve problems more quickly. In case of unforeseen failures or new functional requirements, interventions to the system must be performed at the agreed time.This time depends on the importance of business processes in the company. You can only provide response times with contractual maintenance. Well-managed documentation further contributes to faster problem solving, as the maintenance engineer quickly receives all the necessary information.

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Contractual maintenance of computers

Basic package 80 € / mesec
Medium package 180 € / mesec
Demanding package 300 € / mesec


Diagonostics and reviews

Genereal diagnostics of errors 20 €
Demanding diagnostic of errors 50 €


Networks and internet

Consulting for the selection of network equipment 15 €
Connect your computer to the internet 20 €
Establishing a wireless Internet and protecting the wireless connection with a password 20 €
Network and internet connection repair 40 €
Establishing an advanced wireless network (Bridge, Repeater, multiple routers, VPN, ...) 60 €


Installation and replacement of components

Installing hardware (graphics card, memory, optical drive, processor, power adapter ...) 20 €
Replacing the system board (+ reinstalling the OS) 60 €
Connecting and setting up external devices 30 €
Composition of the entire computer by component and testing 30 €
Cleaning the dust from your computer (1 computer, at your location) 15 €
Replacement of thermal paste and cleaning (laptop or stationary) 30 €
Replacing the LCD panel of the laptop (+ price of the panel) 40 €

Installing software

Installation of the operating system (drivers, basic programs for work, antivirus, basic data transfer) 50 €
Advanced installation of the operating system (drivers, antivirus, license and other programs, optional, OS optimization, transfer of all data) 80 €
Installing the office suite 20 €
Install other software packages od 10 € do 50 €
Installing drivers od 5 € do 40 €
OS repair 50 €
Install and set up an email client 15 €
Installing and setting up a communication program (Skype, Hangouts ...) 15 €


Optimizing the operation of your computer

Basic operating system optimization 30 €
Advanced optimization of the operating system 50 €


Security and protection

Install and set up an antivirus program 15 €
Install and configure the firewall 20 €
Installing and setting up parental controls 20 €
Removing viruses and spyware od 20 € do 50 €

Resolving and recovering lost data and transfering data

Resolving deleted data from hard drives and solid state drives (applies to a single disk) 60 €
Solving deleted data from memory cards, USB keys, or optical media 40 €

Back up, save, and transfer data

Transferring data to a new computer (disk cloning) 30 €
Transferring data to a new computer ("manual" data transfer) od 40 € do 90 €
Backing up your data (to your medium or hard drive, limited by the capacity of the media) od 20 € do 90 €
Backup data storage (in our data field, up to 1 TB) 10 € / mesec
Backing up data (in our data field, unlimited) 30 € / mesec
Installing the program and setting up the backup (usb, network disk, external disk, to cloud ...) 30 €

Computer education

Basic internet education (2h) 35 €
Basic e-mail education (2h) 35 €
Basic education of office suite (2h) 40 €
Basic OS education (2h) 40 €
Basic education of online shopping (2h) 30 €
Individual education (2h) 50 €

Remote Help

Remote help with team viewer Storitev - 30%
Help by telephone (15min) Brezplačno
Help by telephone (above 15 min) 20 €
Mileage (above 30 km) 0,3 € na km

** Prices do not include hardware and software. We only install licensed software.

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