We provide a service of computers and computer equipment and the upgrading of computers in which we serve and aftermarket all types (all types of brands) of personal computers, laptops and computer equipment. On your computer, we replace or repair what's corrupted, upgrade your computer, clean it up, update or reinstall the operating system, ...

We provide all these services at your address, in the event that we can not provide you with these services, we transfer the computer for free to our service center and deliver it for free to the home environment free of charge.

We also allow you to create a completely new computer, according to all your wishes. We use components of the highest quality of all world-recognized brands

We also offer expert advice on the purchase of new computer equipment, which you can quickly and conveniently install on your request (upgrading your computer).

We also offer Apple products. (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, Mac Pro).