ISISTEMI Jernej Semenič, s.p.
Župančičeva ulica 8
5270 Ajdovščina
Tel: 031 878 991

VAT ID: SI57009821
Registration number: 6748716000
IBAN SI56 0510 0801 3968 574
Date of registration:     1.1.2015  


Below we present you the General Terms and Conditions of ISISTEMI sp. The terms apply to all customers, other business customers, unless otherwise stipulated in the mutual agreement. Any buyer can receive a copy of "GENERAL BUSINESS TERMS" on request, in writing, otherwise the terms are published on the website by the general terms and conditions. We do not take into account the customer's statement that he does not know "GENERAL BUSINESS TERMS".


We offer products that can be discontinued models, models with small scratches or used ones. The offer is as it is presented on the web pages. Our offer is non-binding. Minor deviations and technical corrections in the offer are possible. Detailed technical data and physical appearance of articles is possible via e-mail, telephone or personally in the store. The product catalog increases with the new offer and decreases with sold items. The offer is valid until the sale of stocks. The prices in the offer are valid for cash payment.


Images, specifications and prices on our website are symbolic and informative. Purchase Ordering items can be made personally at the store, by telephone or by e-mail. When purchasing, prices apply at the time of order confirmation. A buyer who makes a purchase remotely over the telephone or e-mail is aware of the look and tune of the ordered goods. The order is considered to be a reservation by phone or e-mail, and for purchase after payment of the budget.


The customer can order products on the website ( under the following instructions

1. First, add products to the webpage by clicking on the button "in the basket",

2. By clicking on "My Shopping Cart", you can view all the products that you intend to order

3. By clicking on the "Checkout" button (at the top of the page) or on the "Finish order" button (in the shopping cart), you can purchase

Technological means that enable the identification and correction of errors prior to the award of the contract prior to the award of the contract is made possible to the user (buyer) with immediate effect, easily and easily: - see and inspect what products he added to the cart - see and inspect the delivery method - see and review the payment method - see the price of each product and the total price of the entire selected quantity of this product - see and review the total price for all products with VAT and delivery - make a comment regarding the order - can return to the basket, where it can remove selected products that it does not want to buy from the shopping cart or change the quantity Ordered upon a confirmed order, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail. If you have marked the personal pick-up you will be able to search for the product, otherwise we will send it to you by post when it is paid, unless you have selected a pay-by-surcharge.


All prices included in the offer are 22% VAT included and expressed in EUR. The amount of purchase is not limited. The payment method can be a 100% interest free advance payment, either for delivery or for cash at our branch office. Throughout the payment, the merchandise is owned by ISISTEMI sp


Items in stock can be downloaded immediately or by agreement. Which is not in stock or in which time it is available, it is stated on the individual item and we are all notified by phone or mail. The cost of postage is different depending on the specification and weight of the item and is indicated on the purchase. If we send them through the delivery service, the takeover is possible within 24 hours throughout Slovenia. Delivery costs are borne by the buyer at the price list of the delivery service. The value of the item is indicated to the delivery service. Thus, in case of damage to the shipment during transport, ISISTEMI sp is not liable for the damage caused.


Product warranty is valid for 1 year, 6 months or 1 month, and this is also indicated for each item. The warranty does NOT apply to consumer items (batteries, fillers, ...), for articles that have a warranty or license sticker removed, for electric shock (lightning, overvoltage, ...) and for mechanical damage (cracks, fractures, ... ). The cost of postage during the enforcement of the guarantee is borne by ISISTEMI sp through the GLS delivery service. In the event that the warranty is not valid, it shall bear all costs from the postage and the customer service. If the goods are irreversible and are covered by the warranty, the product is replaced or replaced. the buyer will be returned to the buyer within 30 days. In the event of unauthorized interference to the device outside the original specification, the warranty does not apply. A proof of purchase (invoice) is required for each claim. Goods to be repaired must be taken within one week after the repair notice. After a week, a lump sum is charged at a price of 50 ¢ / day (say: fifty cents a day).


The consumer has the right to notify the company within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the goods that he rescinds the contract without having to state the reason for his decision. A message is deemed timely if the consignment is submitted within the time limit. The only cost to the consumer in respect of cancellation is the direct cost of returning the goods. Goods must be returned by the consumer to the company not later than THIRD (30) days after the cancellation message, in the original (undamaged) packaging and unused. To the consumer who has withdrawn from the contract, the company returns the payments made in cash or via a transfer to a current account within 30 days.


All items can also be pre-booked. Reservations are made via e-mail, telephone or in writing. Reserved items must be taken within 24 hours. After the reservation has ended, the item is again available to other customers and the reservation is suspended.


All goods purchased at ISISTEMI sp can be pre-tested and reviewed. Testing and inspection can only be carried out at the headquarters of ISISTEMI sp under the supervision of an authorized dealer.


If the buyer encounters a problem during the purchase, he or she may attempt an out-of-court settlement on this connection. The provider does not recognize any contractor for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.


The models offered by the OPERATION SYSTEM are FOREIGN (depending on the country from which they come from) and NEITHER SLOVENIAN. Therefore, the operating system is not charged separately and is preloaded by the pre-contractor. CDs and drivers are not everywhere, so you should consult your dealer before buying them.

The operating system language can be: it-Italian, fr-French, de-german, es-spanish, pt-portuguese, uk-english, se-Swedish, nl-Dutch.

The concluded contract between the client and the seller is archived at the headquarters of the company ISISTEMI Jernej Semenič sp, Župančičeva ulica 8, 5270 Ajdovščina. All contracts between buyer and seller are concluded only in Slovene. Contracts and copies of invoices are archived at the company's headquarters. The buyer can obtain a copy with a request by e-mail. We reserve the right to change technical descriptions and configurations without prior notice. The pictures can only be symbolic and do not always reflect the actual situation. We apologize for any errors.