Each one of our products has one, two or three year warranty - 12, 24 or 36 months.

For products that have a 12 month warranty, we offer an option to purchase a warranty that exceeds the manufacturer's warranty period. You extend this warranty for a total of 36 months. In this way, you protect yourself from possible material defects or errors that occurred during the manufacture of the product or components. At the time of the extended warranty, the cost of spare parts and working hours for repair of the product, upon submission of the original invoice for the purchase of the product, is borne by our company.

The warranty refers to the product serial number or another product designation number, so you can sell it or sell it with the product.

The warranty can only be purchased at the same time as the purchase of the product - no later purchase is possible.

General conditions for claiming a guarantee

  • The warranty is valid only when the product is submitted and the original invoice with the product information entered and the serial number of the product.
  • The extension of the warranty refers to the condition of the product at the time of purchase.
  • Reported damage without the exact record of when, where and how the damage occurred, is not covered until there is a full written explanation of the damage case.
  • Guarantees and warranties for design parts and for all products are primarily used.
  • Guarantees by manufacturers of products are considered as primary guarantees; as well as any other guarantees or contractual obligations of third parties.
  • Scratches and similar injuries on the product that do not affect the technical performance of the product shall not be considered a warranty repair.
  • Damage to software, operating systems, drivers, utility programs and elsewhere is not covered.
  • Product owners or their proxies are responsible for programs, drivers, databases and their ability to operate.
  • The warranty does not cover consumable materials, worn parts, batteries, batteries, toners, fuses, inks, coils, lamps and the like.
  • Damage due to the usual wear and tear and the gradual deterioration in the quality of the performance of the products is not included in the warranty repair.
  • Damage resulting from attempted repairs or interventions by third parties without authorization is not covered.
  • Damage caused by negligence or caused by a third party is not covered.
  • Experts who perform works such as supply, installation, upgrade and similar are responsible for their work.
  • In the event of damage, other insurances are charged as the first (for example, if an apartment is insured and there is a fire, flood, etc., and a damaged computer or laptop is damaged, the damage is firstly covered by this insurance).
  • Compensation claims for loss of databases and software can not be invoked for the stated causes of the damage. Similarly, there is no compensation for repair costs incurred due to software and operating system problems due to viruses, because of the incompatibility of the components, for data rescue, reconfiguration, data retrieval and the like.
  • During the period of every 13 months every year (ie from the end of the 12th month to the end of the 13th month and after the end of the 24th month to the end of the 25th month), you must deliver your laptop, computer or plate to regular service cleaning . Service cleaning is carried out at the ISISTEMI headquarters, Zupančičeva ulica 8, Ajdovščina. and is charged EUR 25.00 (VAT included). The service includes cleaning the fans, replacing the cooling paste and removing dust from the inside of the device,
  • In the event that regular service cleaning was not performed within the contractual time, the warranty does not apply!