When selling online as the best way to pay, we recommend payment at a prepayment. In this way, you will not have any additional costs than when paying a deposit on your bank or online bank. In addition to lower costs, you can also save time, as in this case, goods can be delivered directly from a common warehouse, because shipments do not have to be equipped with a ransom that can delay delivery of goods for one day.


At ISISTEMi, we want to offer all our customers as low a price as possible to competition, so all prices on the web are valid for prepayment, delivery or cash at the company headquarters.


As mentioned, payment according to your budget is the most convenient payment option for you. In addition to the lowest cost, you can also save time with this payment. Many goods on the website are located in common warehouses. If the goods are paid according to the invoice, we can send your product directly from the common warehouse to your address, at no extra cost. In the confirmation email, you will receive an UPN form with all the information you need to pay by your budget.


When paying with a ransom, you can only pay by cash or card (MAESTRO, VISA, MASTERCARD, ..) to the delivery service. In addition to the purchase price of goods, the delivery service will still charge you the payment of the UPN form:

  • Payment with UPN forms up to a value of 98.00 EUR - 1.05%.
  • Payment with UPN forms between the values ​​of EUR 98.00 and EUR 501.00 - 1.07% of the value of the transaction.
  • Payment with UPN forms above the value of 501.00 EUR - 5.36 EUR.

If you do not receive the shipment and will be returned by the delivery service to our costs, we will charge you the cost of EUR 10.00.


You can pick up the goods by pre-arranging in our store at Gregorčičeva 13. Action and online prices are valid only when paying with cash.


When making a personal takeover, you can also settle your payment with a BA / Maestro bank card or Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards.


Payment for meals is possible at the personal pick-up in our shop at Župančičeva ulica 8 in Ajdovščina. Since all notebooks are not in stock in our store, it is advisable to arrange a pre-arrange on the receipt and payment. You can do this by making a call to our telephone number 031 878 991. The procedure is simple, you only need to contact us and bring one of the following payment cards:

  • credit card Visa Electron at Abanka,
  • credit card NLB,
  • credit Diners Club,
  • credit American Express,

Description and procedures:

- Credit card Visa Electron at Abanka: up to 12 servings. The payment procedure for meals is simple and discreet. Payment with a card is easy, as you do not need any additional documentation. It's just enough to make a payment card. After payment with the card, you receive a short SMS message to your mobile phone. Please reply with a SMS return message within 30 minutes of the payment, and you choose how many installments (from 2 to 12) you want to settle the purchase without anyone knowing that you are paying for a monthly payment. To help with card payments, you can contact Abafon 0801360

The minimum amount of purchase you want to settle on installments is not fixed, and the maximum amount depends on your available limit on the card. Read more on Abanka's website.

- NLB credit cards: MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Visa and Karanta. All you need is one of the listed cards and the available limit in the value of your purchase. You can choose up to 24 servings. You can read more about NLB Bank's terms and conditions on the official site of NLB Obroki.

- American Express: Up to 12 meals. All you need is an American Express Card, and you need to trust the number of meals you want.

- Diners Club: the possibility of purchasing 24 meals. All you need is one of the Diners Club cards and the limit in the value of the purchase, then you can contact us at our ISISTEMI store, Župančičeva ulica 8, Ajdovščina.


You can also pay directly online. In the cart, select the payment method vPay. Then a pop-up window will open where you can choose whether you want to pay with VISA or MasterCard. Enter your credit card information and click the "purchase" button. Finally, you enter the one-time code of your bank and the payment is completed, and with it the order. If you have the option to purchase in installments (SMS), you will then be able to select the number of installments you want.

PAYMENT WITH A DEPARTURE (only for legal persons)

We allow regular companies with whom we cooperate to pay by deferring payments.


You can choose to pay through the pay pal account in the basket. Clicking opens the standard PayPal window where you sign in with your account and make a payment.