IPE business equipment

IPE - IBM purchased equipment - is the equipment that you purchase from an authorized representative of IBM's GARS equipment. All products have the assurance of trained technicians who have tested and restored the equipment so that each component is 100% active. Reconditioned equipment is received from corporate and academic circles. Such equipment is best suited for recovery processes, as it is rarely used. IBM is owned by the ICT category - the world's largest bank. The trademarks that IBM most often finances and renews are: IBM, LENOVO and DELL. The equipment we represent is classified into two categories: IPE A-Grade and IPE B-Grade.

In the sales channel, you can find a lot of forged and unofficial offers, so it is very important that you know the product supply chain and the possibilities of using it. For all notebooks marked with the label below, you get assurance that the laptops and all parts in them have passed the most demanding tests and are so reliable for the business user and ready for the market. All products from the IPE line have a 12-month warranty with an option of up to 36 months.


IPE A CLASS (A Grade): This means only those products that have been factory-renewed to the extent that they can be named Refurbish A Grade - AS NEW. Products go through a thorough process of checking and restoring strict criteria that include: Full formatting of the hard disk, testing optical drive, memory, motherboards, changing the footer, casing, keyboard and other parts. On the IPE A Grade category, there is usually no previous use. Most of the outer parts of the casing that they replace are covered with a protective film that is removed only by the end user.

IPE B CLASS (B Grade): We designate products that can be attributed to the use of signs in appearance, but rarely such signs that would be disturbing. Equipment from category IPE B Grade is also tested and reliable as A Grade equipment, but there is a high probability that the product has some kind of cosmetic error. All such products do not change the outer parts of the housing, but they are thoroughly cleaned, refinished and processed in the factory so that the equipment is returned to a very well maintained condition.

IPE C CLASS (C Grade): This marks products that have either minor physical damage, visible signs of use, dead spots on the screen or some other minor error on the screen (white spots, scratched screen glaze, screen burst). Equipment from category IPE C Grade is tested and reliable as A oz. B Grade equipment but with a cosmetic error. All such products do not change parts of the casing, but are thoroughly cleaned, refinished and processed in the factory so that the equipment is suitable for use.

  • Value: IBM GARS, through its agents, offers top quality LENOVO and DELL products for extremely competitive prices and a 14-day refund option as well as free standard shipping.
  • Licence stickerIt means that the operating system is included in the price and that it is not necessary to purchase the operating system. The operating system is installed legally in the IBM factory (also includes the SLO language).
  • Extended warranty: In addition to a standard 12-month warranty with a quality guarantee, there is a possibility to purchase a 3-year extended warranty for an attractive price. This means that you can get together as much as 36 months of protection.
  • Price performance: The same functionality and product performance, better after-sales support, lower price!
  • Firendly to the environment: Tens of thousands of laptops and computers sold each year are less hazardous waste in your area. Reuse of equipment is the best way of green business. Renewed computers are thus recycled, which means that by purchasing such a computer you will contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

    The added value of the product is, in any case, the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR). This means that they install the MAR version of Windows on all laptops. When you start your laptop for the first time, it will prompt you to register your operating system with Microsoft.

The expected lifetime of our laptops exclusively from the business line is at least 6 years. Laptops from the business line are at least once more expensive than home-made laptops. The frequency of complaints is lower by factor 5. Similarly, desktop computers, screens and servers have been tested and returned to the status of new items.

Every computer purchased from one of the world's largest banks - IBM GARS - has a known origin, has been restored and tested for the smooth operation of demanding business users!

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