Renew & Refurbish:

Renew & Refurbished products originate from several titles. One of the most common ones is that computer equipment manufacturers are increasingly likely to find that the sales campaign does not reach the desired and planned quantities, as well as that certain orders are canceled by distributors, while the products are already on the way from the factory. When the product leaves the factory, it can not be returned to the factory, and such products come to us in original and unopened containers. These products fall into the category - AS NEW.

Also, the "Renew & Refurbish" program includes all products that are the output of products, as well as products that were damaged by packaging during transport. These products come in organic packaging of manufacturers with original sealed and unopened packages, from the moment the product leaves the manufacturer's warehouse until the time it reaches you. These products fall into the category - AS NEW.

In the "Renew & Refurbish" program, there are very rare products that were on shelves in shops as exhibit items and products that were returned immediately after purchase - DOA (dead on arrival). All products from this title were returned directly to the factory and shipped there in exactly the same functional state as all other new products were dispatched. They are also repackaged and sent to the distributors for the "Renew & Refurbish" program, in their sealed ecological and by the manufacturer's specified packaging at their cost.

Seller refubrished products are renewed by a distributor (major dealer), a merchant warranty is issued, which also guarantees the service. Computers can have smaller scratches in the main, but they are completely overviewed and mostly look like new ones.


  • the largest choice of notebooks and tablets on the market,
  • the latest technology in stock, usually before the official launch of the product on the market,
  • original quality by ASUS, HP, LENOVO and DELL,
  • one year of warranty and service support,
  • the possibility to extend the guarantee up to five years,
  • the best performance (price performance) for your customers,
  • reducing the budget for IT technology and the same quality at the same time,
  • support for all smaller and larger projects.

We invite you to approach the creation of a more friendly information environment in Slovenia, as your business brings us into ecologically conscious partnerships!