Data Recovery

Trdi diski shraijo ogromne količine podatkov, zato je reševanje podatkov dolgotrajno.

In the event of a failure of the hard disk or some other storage media, you should first of all maintain a quiet blood. Your information is not lost, it's harder to get them back. At this moment, your best friend is a data rescue expert. Do not bother yourself with the repair, as any further interference can further destroy the data.

In any case, if the hard drive fails, it should remain calm and not hasty. Panic action can permanently damage your information. Experts point to the heart to avoid interfering with electronics and mechanics of hard drives alone or with the help of a technically talented neighbor (read: gurus). It is best to immediately stop using the media when experiencing problems.

Services we provide:

  • saving and recovering data from corrupted hard drives,
  • recovering formatted hard drives,
  • recovering data from disks with system errors,
  • recovering data from RAID systems,
  • recovering corrupted files and data,
  • data recovery from CD and DVD media,
  • data recovery from memory cards,
  • recovery of images from digital cameras,
  • data recovery from USB drives,
  • recovery of forgotten and lost passwords and
  • other data services.


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Lost data

Lost data is one of the worst things that can happen when working with a computer. The machine is usually not difficult to replace, but the data is lost forever.

Data recovery

Usually this phrase is used in conjunction with restore backup data (backup restore). Backups are a thing we usually do not have when we need them. Sometimes cheapest backups were done on floppy disks, and today such backups are mostly used by DVDs.

Lost images

The most common form of lost data is lost photos. Which is also quite understandable. Digital cameras have been extensively expanded, but at the same time they are exposed to the greatest burdens among all electronic devices. The result is lost images.

Data restore

Data restoration is a professional term used to solve data from defective media. It comes from the English term for this activity: data restore.

Hard drive

Hard disk drive (HDD, hard drive -HD, fixed disk drive) is part of a personal computer (PC) used to store data and programs. Usually it is already installed on the computer, but can also be added as an external unit (external disk).

Broken hard drive

Hard drives have been increasingly subject to defects in recent years. But not by the fault of producers, but by ourselves, that is, users. With the emergence of file sharing networks over the Internet (P-2-P), the average number of failures of hard drives started to rise steeply. The thing is completely logical.

Memory card

A memory card is a media that has been extensively expanding lately. They are equipped with digital cameras, and recently also a lot of mobile phones, personal organizers (pda), players and even video cameras.

Broken memory card

The camera, camcorder and camcorder eyes are looking for interesting motives and storing them on a storage medium - a card or a built-in hard drive. Upon return, we are faced with a nasty surprise - there is no photo or movie card or hard disk drive, either because it has either been canceled or it has been damaged. Followed by silence, then crying. Believe it, a scenario that is also becoming more frequent in our country. Increasing pressures on cost-efficiency of production and rapid development have led to the fact that all products, including memory cards and hard drives, are getting worse in average quality.

USB stick

USB flash drive is a small, lightweight, robust, and handy external memory that replaces the floppy disk or CD / DVD.

Broken USB stick

USB keys are one of the most exposed electronic devices. They are usually transmitted in all possible places, and very often there are failures, which are mostly purely mechanical.